Easy Contact Data Exchange and Usage Tracking

What is BUS1NESS.Cloud?

BUS1NESS.Cloud is intended to increase convenience of contact data exchange in combination with our NFC business cards - bizy.Cards®. By accessing the profile of an owner of bizy.Cards® through a single tap, the potential business partner has the option to share his or her contact information, download the electronic business card of the owner of bizy.Cards®, or to easily connect on professional social platforms. The owner of bizy.Cards® receives, in return, detailed analytics about the visits of his public profile and so is able to measure the effectiveness of the business cards. The owner of bizy.Cards® is able to set up different profiles for different events, e.g. exhibitions or networking event, such that the effectiveness of Business Cards can be measured separately for different occassions!

BUS1NESS.Cloud for NFC Promotional Products

We extended our offering of BUS1NESS.Cloud to NFC promotional products

Through our NFC promotional products, the users are able to directly interact with their customers. And there are many ways to do so. By a single tap it is possible to lead the cutomer to the shopping cart of an online shop, to request a callback, to start GPS navigation, to show a product video and to do even more exciting things! It is also possible to change the content any time, even after the products have been distributed.

In the backend, we track and anylse the usage of the NFC promotional products which allows to determine their effectiveness!

NFC Promotional Products

Here are some examples of our promotional products with an embedded NFC tag.
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